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Caroline Bryan

Hippocrates Lifestyle & LifeGive Supplement Health Coach


Let me be your Personal Health Designer

Founder & CEO

Cea One Enterprises

Business strategist, Consultant

Helping businesses create and manage their goals by utilizing my extensive experience in the Health and Wellness industry as a Personal Health Designer.

Our primary goal at Cea One enterprises is to help as many people as possible change their lives!

I have a personal mission, and total dedication to the cause of helping people regain their health.



Visionary and Founder

Doctor Days at Hippocrates Health Institute


The 3-Day Doctor Day’s Immersion Experience at Hippocrates Health Institute is an avenue to provide a new platform to understand all the wonderful things Hippocrates Health Institute has to offer a person's  health and lifestyle.  


This program is designed to create the deepest impact for the professional within the shortest period of time.  We believe, along with Brian Clement, co-director of Hippocrates Health Institute, that for a professional to experience Hippocrates Health Institute first hand is imperative.  Professionals will see how Hippocrates comprehensive approach can positively impact the body’s immune system, aid in disease reversal and overall optimum health.


Independent Consultant 

Hippocrates Health Institute


As an Independent Consultant I provide professional strategic sales and marketing services. Producing Outside Events for Hippocrates Health Institute in North America. Including Hosting Brian Clement, Internationally Lecturing for Hippocrates, and a Hippocrates Health Institute Health Educator Instructor teaching Business Synergy and Strategy. Directly responsible for Implementation of the Doctor Days program.










The Woman Behind the Man


Have you ever wondered who that smiling, energetic face was behind the Hippocrates table at Brian Clement’s U.S. and Canadian events?


If you haven’t met Caroline Bryan, you are missing out on a wealth of information!


As the CEO of Ceo One enterprises, founder of Doctor Days, and previous energy therapist for Hippocrates, Caroline is in the forefront of the heath and wellness industry.  But this wasn’t always the case! 


She has made her own Life Transformation with the help of Hippocrates and therefore is able to help you no matter where you are in your health journey, because she’s been there.


The next time you attend an event to hear Brian Clement, stop by the Hippocrates table and meet Caroline…it just might be Life Changing!


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