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Changing the Future of Medicine

Doctor Days 

Next Immersion

October 2-4 2024

(with bonus Spa Day October 5th)


3-Day Immersion Experience at Hippocrates Wellness

• Enjoy our daily organic raw cuisine buffet, green drinks & wheatgrass juice

• Experience daily health lectures from Hippocrates Wellness leading Health experts

• Learn How to Bring the Living Foods Lifestyle to Your Patients

• Full use of Hippocrates extraordinary facilities

• Full use of Hippocrates 50+ acres of beautiful tropical grounds

• Social Events & Networking with Other Caring Doctors

• You will Leave Feeling Amazing, Refreshed & Ready to Share Your Findings

Please Click the link below and complete the interest form* and you will be contacted shortly:


October 2-4 2024:


Click Here if you are interested in the October 2024 Doctor Days program


*Please note that filling out this inquiry form does not constitute registration for the program.




Your support is changing lives!

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Stem Cell & Exosome Treatment

Count Down to our next Doctor Days!

If You Are Interested in Attending Doctor Days, Please Fill Out the Inquiry Form to be considered.




WINS from the Doctor Days Immersion


"Getting more empowerment and the guts to express that there is "another world" out there, and step-by-step daring to stand for this healthy life changing view" - KR, M.D

 "It is said that believing is seeing but I must say that seeing is sometimes also believing. After having heard about Hippocrates for some time now, and now having experienced Hippocrates for myself on the 3-Day Doctors Immersion I can truly say that after seeing what has been created in West Palm Beach, FL for the professional, I was tremendously impressed! I did not expect the truly holistic program of Mind, Body and Spirit, along with the supportive and nurturing atmosphere of wellness.  Brian & Anna Marie Clement, Caroline Bryan and the whole Hippocrates team have set up a wonderful oasis of healing in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the 3-days and feel more suited to help my clients more, who I know are ready to go to that next level in their own wellness journey. I am happy and whole-heartedly ready to recommend the Institute to patients and colleagues alike.” - TW, ANRP


Caroline Bryan

 Founder & Visionary

Doctor Days

Why the Program Began -


We were seeing more and more today, skilled and highly trained health professionals who were frustrated with the limited tools they had to treat patients with chronic diseases. These professionals were tired of telling patients with end stage illnesses that there is nothing more they could do.  They were searching for an "alternative".  


Many doctors today are turning to Integrative Medicine, seeing the immense value that complementary care can offer their patients in addition to their traditional treatments.


The Purpose of the Program -


Doctor Days 3-Day Immersion Experience at Hippocrates Wellness is an avenue to provide a new platform to understand all the wonderful things Hippocrates has to offer. We are offering through this program a new phase in the field of healthcare, one which merges a multi-disciplinary approach to bridge the terrain of traditionally trained medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals, introducing them to complementary ways of healing and disease reversal.


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